Top 10 Latino and Hispanic Entrepreneurs

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Guillermo “Bill” Calvo, CEO

Provideo Management
Sterling, Virgina

No. 109
2010 Revenue: $5.7 million
Three-Year Growth: 2,466%

In 1969, when he was two-years-old, Guillermo (Bill) Calvo’s family emigrated from Peru to the suburbs of D.C. Regardless of his immersion in American culture, being someone who has an ethnic “origin” does have an effect in life, he says. For example, Provideo is a certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business and Calvo (pictured on the left) says he’s “met people with the gall to say—out loud—my success is because I was given this certification as a ‘handout,’” despite the fact that these contracts account for less than a quarter Provideo’s revenue. “When things like this happen, I am affected briefly then move on with even more vigor to succeed.”

--Eric Markowitz