5 Fab Small Business Logo Designs

Courtesy Hyperakt
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Miss Jessie’s Original

In 2004, sisters Titi and Miko Branch launched the Miss Jessie's Original hair product line, named in honor of their paternal grandmother. A year later, they reached out to Deroy Peraza, co-creative director of the Brooklyn, New York-based design firm Hyperakt, to create a unique logo for their products. The Branch sisters provided Peraza’s designers with an array of references that they wanted their logo to reflect, in both style and texture. The references "cigar labels…apothecary packagings, pictures of wing-tipped shoes," says Peraza. What resulted was a logo with a very classic, "old-world and apothecary-like feel," says Titi. "We wanted the product to have a historical kind of feel to show that the product was rooted in tradition."