5 Fab Small Business Logo Designs

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Globetrooper, a Sydney, Australia-based start-up that specializes in pairing travel partners, chose a different method for having its logo designed. Instead of enlisting the services of a dedicated graphic design firm, co-founders Todd Sullivan and Lauren McLeod crowdsourced their logo via 99designs, a Toronto-based outlet founded by Matt Mickiewicz. The week-long contest for their company netted 200 entries. So, out of all of those entries, how did the team settle on a single design? "We created a spec for our logo and had a picture of the perfect logo in our minds, but as the entries came in, we changed our minds over and over again. It's quite a tough emotional process," says Sullivan. He later edited the winning design to produce their current logo, using Adobe Illustrator to tweak the colors, placement, and sizing.