5 Moms Who Built Great Companies

Nancy Traversy, Barefoot Books
Bob O’Connor
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Nancy Traversy of Barefoot Books

“I had my first child in 1992 and decided I no longer wanted to work for other people,” Nancy Traversy, a mother of four, told Inc. in 2006. A year later, she co-founded Barefoot Books, a children's book imprint based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The business now has more than $5 million in annual sales. “My kids grew up with Barefoot. They've always read manuscripts and looked at samples from different illustrators. They help out with data entry, stuffing catalogs, work in the store. They came up with the idea for Animal Boogie, which is our best-selling book. I know it's hard when mummy has her own business. But now they feel anchored by it. They understand hard work.”