5 Tips for a Successful Infomercial

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Provide an Amazing Demonstration

Several years ago, Mike Spacciapoli worked on a series of infomercials to market a line of golf clubs he and his partner created. The most successful club, a putter, performed so well because it demonstrated a technology that could only truly be captured on film, he says. “It lent itself to a demonstration in pictures,” Spacciapoli says. He explains that after customers saw the infomercial, they were eager to visit the pro shop and try it out for themselves. “From that perspective, the infomercial was very beneficial to us,” he says. Generally, infomercials have three different duration lengths: one minute, two minutes, and 28 minutes. When thinking how to best demonstrate your product, it’s essential that you pick the right infomercial length to get the point across before boring the viewer.