5 Tips for Selling a Service Now

Geri Denterlein
Denterlein Worldwide Inc.
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Get Everyone Involved in Selling

Geri Denterlein of Denterlein Worldwide, a Boston-based public relations firm that counts a number of real-estate developers and law firms as its clients, recently put in place a new policy: each week, employees must e-mail to the managing director the names of 5 contacts with whom they have recently touched base. “Our best source of new business is people who know us and have worked with us in the past,” says Denterlein, “So it’s vital that we be much more proactive in reaching out to contacts than we were in the past when business was flowing freely.” The firm has also cut in half the standard length of a contract to 3 months from 6 months, and Denterlein’s staff is getting proposals out to potential clients much faster—in less than 48 hours in most cases.