6 CEOs Share Their Biggest Regrets

Nanda Home, retail
Joshua Kessler
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My regret: Trying to run the whole thing on my own

When Gauri Nanda started, she had no business plan and no intention of becoming an entrepreneur. But she had a unique product: Clocky, a hybrid robot-alarm clock that rolls around the room beeping when you try to hit snooze. Nanda could have licensed her invention to a larger company but found herself unwilling to hand over control. So she launched Nanda Home, a one-woman business, to bring Clocky to market and to develop other products designed to "humanize technology." Nanda's regret: going it alone. If she were starting out today, she says, "I would try to find more good help from the beginning. I tried to do a little too much myself, and while that’s a great way to learn the process and every part of your business, I would have stopped and tried to find one good person to help."