6 CEOs Share Their Biggest Regrets

ABC Supply, financing
Livia Corona
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My regret: Not being upfront with my bankers

Ken Hendricks, the late founder of ABC Supply and a self-made billionaire, started out in the roofing supply business, but he wound up involved in a variety of industries from real estate to industrial art. When the largest employer in his hometown of Beloit, Wisconsin, went belly-up--at the cost of 3,500 jobs--Hendricks bought its headquarters and set about filling them with new businesses, many of which he owned in part or in full. When asked by Inc.'s Leigh Buchanan to identify his biggest regret, he said it had to do with obtaining credit. "I would have shared with the banks my long-term vision and got them involved instead of just going to them when I needed money," he said. "I should have got them on my team right from the start."