7 Businesses To Watch Out For

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Work-at-Home Programs

Online job searchers should beware of the many complaints about those "work-at-home" or "get rich quick" job programs that target people looking for employment. The latest offer? Rebate processor jobs offered by, among others, the aptly-named website Rebateprocessorjobs.com. The company and its many competitors claim that they offer a work-at-home opportunity processing rebates. For an initial start-up fee (that ranges from $40 to more than $500), companies promise to send the work-from-home aspirant a starter-kit on how to set up a business. Many job-seekers have taken the bait, but were disappointed with what they paid for: instructions on how to buy and sell ads online. “Basically because these companies do provide something in return, they thinly skate by on that practice,” says Gary Almond, of the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles. For its part, Rebateprocessorjobs.com does post this disclaimer: “The testimonials on this website should in no way be considered typical earnings. You may make more or you may make less. You might not make anything.”