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FX Supplements
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The Fight Against Belly Flab

Attaining a "firmer, flatter midsection" may sound appealing, but beware: hundreds of consumers have signed up for a free “risk-free” trial of FX Supplements -- açai berry weight loss pills -- and wound up both fat and unhappy. The offer sounds tempting: consumers are told they only have to cover the cost of shipping and handling. But once the trial period ends, some consumers have reported to the BBB that it is difficult to halt the monthly shipments of product, for which they are billed more than $80 each. According to the bureau and the Rip Off Report, an online consumer forum, some unhappy customers tried reaching the sellers by telephone only to discover the number was out of service or busy. One complainant on Rip Off Report from McCalla, Alabama, alleged that FX Supplements touts “bogus phone numbers and [a] bogus product.” According to the Better Business Bureau, attempts to halt by e-mail the continuous charges were equally fruitless. FX owner Austin Hilton says their unresponsiveness was a result of overwhelming demand. “I had an old phone system that only had 23 landlines,” he says. Hilton says he has hired extra workers to answer the phones to ameliorate the situation.