7 Businesses To Watch Out For

Mantra Films, Inc.
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Raunchy Mail-Order Videos

While it may not be the most high-brow of businesses anyway, Mantra Films -- the company that creates and sells Girls Gone Wild video tapes -- has been accused by scores of customers of fraudulent practices, according to the BBB. Some customers, who said they signed up to buy just one DVD, were billed multiple times thereafter, while other customers reported that unordered DVDs (and bills) landed in their mailboxes. The company settled a $1.1 million Federal Trade Commission complaint for these same issues -- unauthorized shipping and billing charges -- in 2004, but the issue has not died down. “This is a big scam they’ve been pulling for a long time,” says Ed Magedson, founder of Rip-Off Report, the online consumer forum that has logged nearly 400 complaints about the company. Mantra Films did not respond to phone or e-mail inquiries from Inc.