7 Businesses To Watch Out For

Help Reducing Your Tax Bill
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Questionable Tax Relief

Heightened financial anxiety has prompted the proliferation of companies that claim that they can help consumers reduce the amount of taxes or fines they owe the government. Some of these would-be tax-relief agencies promise to settle tax debts for "pennies on the dollar." Yet, that's a tall (and in many cases, impossible) order to deliver. Companies like Power Tax Relief have been accused by customers of charging hefty fees and then failing to deliver on their promises. In a press release, Paulette Hotton of the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut charged that many of these tax relief companies overstate their capacity to help clients. “Consumers complain that many of these firms exaggerate or misrepresent their ability and expertise in effecting settlements and often promise much more than they can deliver,” she says. Sarkis Manukyan, a Power Tax Relief spokesperson, denies any wrongdoing and thinks that the BBB’s system of collecting complaints is unfair. “They don’t see how many good cases we do. They only see the bad ones,” he says.