8 Tips for Building a Great Culture

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“We want to care about people in the totality of their lives. How am I going to know what’s going on with 350 people? How does a leader do that? Our people can go to an intranet site, called Beryl Cares, and they can indicate what’s going in the life of one of their coworkers. It can be a death, a birth, a wedding, someone won a marathon, you name it. They go on the intranet site and fill out a form to tell me what’s going on. I get an email that gives me their name, their picture, their home address. It tells me what’s going on with them. That’s my cue. Make a phone call. Send a personal note card. Go visit them in the hospital, go to a funeral. Whatever it takes. We’ve got all the technology, we’ve got social media, but don’t forget the personal touch.”