9 Cool College Start-ups

Go Cross Campus, Risk
George Ruhe
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GXStudios, Yale University

More than 40,000 college students who have become addicted to GoCrossCampus, or GXC—an online game developed by a group of current and former students at Yale. The rules are similar to those of the classic board game Risk: Teams of players from various schools battle for territory on a map that reflects real campuses, right down to landmarks such as dorms and dining halls.

Founders Matthew Brimer, a Yale senior, and 2008 grads Brad Hargreaves, Sean Mehra, and Jeffrey Reitman launched the parent company, GXStudios, in 2007 (that's the staff at a meeting, above). They believe they are pioneering a new kind of interactive formula, something they call team-based social gaming. The start-up has raised $1 million in venture capital, and now has a Manhattan office with about a dozen employees. "It's one of those things I never would've predicted when I came to Yale," says Brimer, a sleep-deprived sociology major who serves as chief marketing officer "If someone would've told me that, when I graduate, I'd go to work for the start-up company I founded and am working for already part time, I'm not sure I would've believed it." —Andrew Bartholomew, Yale class of '09