9 Innovations for the Great Outdoors

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A Repellant That Baffles Bugs

Simple repellant sprays have nothing on the BugStorm Shield, a lightweight, portable, cheap solution for repelling and confusing mosquitos. Developed by "a team of perfumers and etymologists" at Aromatic Fusion, a natural scents manufacturer, the BugStorm Shield utilizes two techniques to battle bugs: in addition to being a pure repellant, the BugStorm apparatus also emits a scent that confuses mosquito receptors so they can't find their target, i.e. you. Once activated, the BugStorm will shut off automatically after two hours, ensuring the shield is always powered up and ready when needed. Available in six different colors and optimized for garden, patio, camping, and outdoor use, the BugStorm Shield's 17' radius ensures no bloodsuckers will enter your personal zone.
Cost: $18.50 on bugstorm.com.