9 Innovations for the Great Outdoors

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A Powder That Keeps Skin Sand-Free

Tired of sand sticking to your skin after a long day at the beach? Since showering on the beach only makes you susceptible to picking up more sand, what's a beachgoer to do? Thankfully, there's Sandgone, a new invention from solopreneur Tiffany Smith. Inspired by her own experiences at the beach that left her kids a sandy mess, Sandgone ensures its user never tracks unwanted sand into shoes, the car, or the house. Created from a blend of natural powders, starches, and fragrances, Sandgone's fine powder magically removes dry or wet sand from anywhere you apply it, soothing and perfuming your skin in the process.
Cost: $12.95 plus shipping on Sandgone.com.