9 Innovations for the Great Outdoors

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A Grill That Collapses

Nothing says summer more than a cookout, but barbeque grills are expensive, cumbersome, and make a mess. Instead of lugging around a heavy grill to a pool party or picnic, the Brisbane Tabletop BBQ is a cheap, convenient alternative that does everything a big barbeque does, and more. Despite its small size, the Brisbane is a lightweight tabletop grill perfect for any situation. The Brisbane is very easy to assemble: Just fill it with charcoal, light the coals, add your food items, and you're off and grilling. The Brisbane can cook atop any flat surface, and best of all, when finished, the grill can be folded up and carried like a briefcase, making it an ideal choice for the beach or the park.
Cost: £24.99 (approximately $40) on Firebox.com.