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History's greatest contributions to the fine art of connecting buyers with sellers.

These days, you can track your foot steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Now the "quantified self" craze is coming to office products. A few innovative companies are using data and design to make your work life a little easier. Check out just how intelligent your workplace can be.

Who needs Silicon Valley when there's Silicon Prairie? These Midwestern start-ups are giving the coasts a run for their money.

Johnny Cupcakes, a T-shirt company with a cult following, does nothing by halves, and the company is at its most dramatic when it opens a new retail location or a pop-up store. Here, founder and CEO Johnny Earle explains how he produces a grander opening.

Need to jumpstart your holiday shopping? Check out these innovative, entrepreneur-made gifts.

A look at innovative companies that are taking product customization to the extreme.

We'd never counsel financial irresponsibility. But every now and then...

A look at the checkered history of public speaking, created in the snappy Pechakucha presentation style.

Augmented reality campaigns that made a big splash--and a big return on investment.

The average three-year growth rate of this year's Inc. 500 companies is a whopping 2,926 percent. But, in many cases, Year One in business wasn't pretty. We asked the entrepreneurs on the list to describe the highs and lows of these early months.

A look at the metropolitan areas with the most companies on this year's list.

Keeping staff members motivated is part art, part science. We asked CEOs of some of America's fastest-growing companies how they maintain enthusiasm levels over the long haul.

The IPO market is gaining steam. Thinking about taking your company public? We asked Inc. 5000 CEOs who've been through the IPO process to share the biggest lessons they learned along the way.

With robot baby strollers, foldable speakers, and high-tech sand, Inc. 500 manufacturers make the ordinary extraordinary

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Barbara Pachter's new book reveals the essentials of business etiquette.