America's 10 Riskiest Industries

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Apparel knitting mills

2013 revenue: $481.3 million

2018 revenue: $412.0 million

Most knitting actually occurs abroad while U.S. companies "focus on designing and branding." This leaves the companies open to competitive risks from overseas companies. The risk level for this industry is 'high' and revenue is expected to fall at an average annual rate of 3.1% over the next five years.

But there are some opportunities in this industry. "US mills that successfully switch to higher value-added activities will benefit from increasing revenue and profit. In particular, successful firms will carve out a niche in the market and fulfill rising demand for differentiated and high-quality knits as demand for apparel rebounds over the next five years. In addition, companies that can incorporate designing and marketing activities will be able to grab a larger piece of the pie."

Source: IBISWorld