6 Great Historical Site Businesses

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Ruby Falls | Rock and Roll

Need a reason to visit Chattanooga, Tennessee? Ruby Falls is America's largest waterfall and underground cave that is accessible to the public. As your group passes underneath stalactites located 1,120 feet beneath the earth's surface, you'll be able to see for yourself why this 71-year-old attraction hosts more than 350,000 visitors annually. Most of the visitors to Ruby Falls are relatively local to the area, says spokesperson Meagan Jolley. The company has bounced back after a 15 percent drop in business around 2008, now with an annual revenue of more than $5 million. And the site is thinking of the future, integrating sustainable efforts including the installation of LED lighting and solar paneling throughout the waterfall. Ruby Falls was the first U.S. attraction awarded a dual certification by Green Globe International, Inc.