6 Great Historical Site Businesses

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Airship Ventures | "Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine"

Airship Ventures has made it possible for you to step back in time, revisiting the golden age of aviation in the 21st century with the 12-seater Zeppelin NT model airship. The San Francisco company took flight in 2008 in the midst of a down economy. However, the company persevered, and has since flown more than 10,000 customers. Spokesperson Rachel Loya says customers are "everyone from people who save up money because they want this once-in-a-lifetime bucket lift experience, to people who can [afford to] charter the entire airship." The airship does tours over many historic California attractions, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, and also offers "geek tours" that fly over Silicon Valley, Cupertino, Apple's One Infinite Loop, and the Googleplex. "We're kind of a modern version of the Golden Age of Aviation, when the journey was just an adventure by itself," says Loya.