6 Great Historical Site Businesses

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The Chelsea Hotel | Actors and Outlaws

Sid Vicious. Ethan Hawke. Charles Bukowski. Bob Dylan. Operating as a hotel since 1905, Manhattan's Chelsea Hotel has been a resting place for drifters and a long-term home for a countless list of popular artists and performers. Many people have made Chelsea Hotel their primary domicile; the hallways feature a hodgepodge of tourists rubbing elbows with lifelong residents. Chelsea Hotel has run into some financial trouble in recent years due to management issues and rising real estate prices. Although visitation remains steady due to its position as a national landmark, the hotel was officially put on the market in October 2010. The prospective buyers of the Chelsea will have a lot on their plates in terms of restructuring, but they'll have little want in the way of advertising.
—Lauren Cannon