Best Industries 2012: E-commerce | 5 Online Retailers Cashing In

Courtesy Company
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Lot18 |

Specialty: Food and wine
Headquarters: New York City
Leadership: Philip James, Kevin Fortuna (co-founders), Mark Pinney (CFO)

Why it's hot: Want some Gilt with that wine? Lot18 is a luxe, membership-only daily deals website that specializes in top-tier wines, gourmet food, and sumptuous culinary experiences. The company's team of experts works with winemakers, food producers, and hospitality chains around the world to select personalized, high-end offers for customers. The 750,000 member company raised $30 million in funding from Accel Partners, New Enterprise Associates, and FirstMark Capital last November, and delivers to all 50 states. Not sure if you can trust Lot18's taste? Its VP of procurement, Dini Rao, was a senior buyer for AmazonWine and helped the company to sell more than half a million bottles of wine in its first year.