Best Industries 2012: E-commerce | 5 Online Retailers Cashing In

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Crowd Seats |

Specialty: Sports
Headquarters: Los Angeles
Leadership: Justin Cener (CEO)

Why it's hot: Launched in August 2011, Crowd Seats is the first flash deals site for professional and collegiate sports events around the country. The company purchases excess inventory from teams and brokers, and sells nearly 500 tickets each week for 50% to 90% of the face value. Plus, there are no convenience charges or processing fees, and ticketholders can cash in on Groupon-style discounts via friend referrals. Crowd Seats vouchers are currently available in six U.S. cities, and will expand to four more, including Toronto, by the end of June. But don't think you're getting bottom-barrel deals. Although it hasn't yet received additional funding, Crowd Seats sells nearly 500 tickets each month to showdowns like the Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic and the Yankees vs. the Rays.