The Best Lemonade Stands in America 2008

Best Lemonade Stand Contest
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2008 Best Design Winner: Jordan and Jeremy, Age 11, Westlake Village, California

For twin brothers Jordan and Jeremy, the process of designing and building their lemonade stand was just as important as their success at selling lemonade. With the direction of their grandfather, who flew out to California to see the stand built, and the family's handyman, Jordan and Jeremy were able to put together quite an elaborate stand. Because they planned to donate the money from their lemonade sales to the Starlight Children's Foundation to purchase an entertainment center for young hospital patients, several local businesses provided the materials for the stand for free. The boys also set up a website for those who did not get to visit the stand. By summer's end, they had raised $2,731.07, and had plans to keep operating the stand until they hit their goal of $4,250.

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