Business Tech Tools: 5 Trends for 2010

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E-Readers for Business

A slew of companies unveiled eReaders at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, most of them book-centric competitors to Amazon’s Kindle. But unlike the Kindle and its ilk, Plastic Logic’s Que is being marketed as a digital briefcase for business professionals. The touchscreen device, a less sexy version of Apple's new iPad that may appeal to fans of Microsoft Office, can be used to read newspapers, magazines, and books. You can also use it to view and annotate Microsoft Office documents and PDFs, and check your Outlook e-mail and calendar. We got a sneak peak at the Que and were impressed with its light weight (about a pound) and slim profile (about 1/3 of an inch), but its overall size (8.5-by-11 inches), was a bit awkward, and its black and white screen was a bit lifeless. The Que is pricey as well, starting at $649 for a WiFi-enabled 4 GB model that holds up to 35,000 documents, but we like the concept.