Top 12 Social Media Blunders of 2011

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@charliesheen implodes

You can’t write about social media in 2011 without bringing up Charlie Sheen. The extremely confident celeb and former Two and a Half Men star lit up Twitter with his erratic behavior, interesting hashtags (#tigerblood, #winning anyone?), and slams of people he worked with, referring to them as “trolls.” Then in December the self-proclaimed “unemployed winner” accidentally tweeted his number to his 5 million-plus followers. The digits have since been disconnected, but there’s no reason to think his drama-filled feed will subside.

Lesson: Think twice before you tweet, you’re not always #winning. Also don’t confuse a brand that has a lot of buzz with a successful company. People may be paying attention to Sheen, but that doesn’t mean they want to work with him.