Top 12 Social Media Blunders of 2011

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@WhatsTrending dies

“Reports say that Steve Jobs has passed away. Stay tuned for more updates.” News many of us heard in October. Well, CBS’s "What’s Trending" webshow sent out the panic-inducing tweet in September, when the mastermind behind Apple was still living. The message was pulled a minute later and several apologies were issued via Twitter and through Shira Lazar, host of "What’s Trending." Lazar placed the blame on a nameless junior staffer. CBS consequently severed ties with the webshow and Lazar, stressing that the show was produced independently and had no newsgathering ties with CBS.

Lesson: Think twice before turning your social media over to an unskilled intern or junior staffer. Focus on being accurate rather than first. When apologizing pay due diligence, a flippant apology isn’t going to rebuild trust in your brand.

--Caitlin Berens