Top 12 Social Media Blunders of 2011

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Lowe’s uncensored

After pulling ads from a TLC reality show (pictured) about Muslim families, a note acknowledging the matter on Lowe’s Facebook page received over 23,000 comments. Most reprimanded the company, but others praised it. Posted on a December weekend, Lowe’s took no action against the openly racist and offensive comments until the press caught wind of them few days later. Responding to the issue, Lowe’s deleted all of the messages and issued a post explaining that they let the debate go on “Out of respect for the transparency of social media.” It received over 7,000 comments.

Lesson: Pay attention to your social media accounts—even on the weekend. Be reasonable in moderating comments and participate in discussions. Don’t lie low and wait for something to die down, it will likely just get worse.