Cashing In on the Super Bowl

Party411, online retail
Amy Bilsky
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Sherri Foxman, Party411

The Super Bowl is the biggest party of the year, and Sherri Foxman's Party411 will supply you with any decorations, invitations, or favors you could possibly need for a football-themed blow-out.

Foxman, who came to e-commerce through her career as an events planner, continues to suggest off-the-wall events, posting party-planning guides on Party411 under the moniker "The Party Girl." And January is one of their biggest months of the year -- orders start in December and continue right up until the week of the Super Bowl. Her custom-made invitations designed to mimic tickets are especially popular, and her party guide also points the way to items like an inflatable cooler topped with a goalpost and a tray shaped like a referee's shirt.

"It’s really the biggest party of the year, and people just don’t even realize that," she says.