Cashing In on the Super Bowl

Holsen, sports memorabilia
Ruth Brown
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Darryl Holsendolph, Holsen

People making the trip to the Super Bowl want a special souvenir, available only in the host city. But in order to get official NFL goodies -- hats, T-shirts, footballs -- they'll have to go to one of five licensed "hot market" concessionaires who've set up shop in the area. One of those NFL-certified vendors is Holsen, which will have a retail location open in Tampa’'s historic Ybor City neighborhood this year.

CEO Darryl Holsendolph has been working with the NFL since 1992 and has several Super Bowls under his belt. While hot market sales only account for around 30 percent of their business, he gets frequent referrals thanks to his work with the NFL, and he often builds relationships with potential clients for Holsen's promotional merchandising at the big game.

"You're not going to get rich, but it's an opportunity to grow your business," Holsendolph says. "It shows we can deliver in a demanding environment."