Cashing In on the Super Bowl

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Captain Paul D. Warren
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Paul Warren, Meetings Afloat

Bored with your typical business meetings? Captain Paul Warren has a way for you to spice things up: move the proceedings to a yacht cruising Tampa Bay.

Warren is a 40-year veteran of the recreational marine industry who found himself with an extra boat on his hands. His wife, who sold videoconference equipment, was spending several days every month in Miami for work, and they bought the boat intending to use it as a floating condo. When she was laid-off, they combined their particular skills and launched Meetings Afloat.

The Super Bowl offers a great opportunity for a cash infusion to a start-up like Meetings Afloat, which is marketing packages to clients in town for the game. "The concept would be if somebody wanted to take the team's own sponsors, radio and TV sponsors, out for entertainment," Warren says.