Cashing In on the Super Bowl

PrimeSport, RazorGator
Roger Hacker
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Jeff Lapin, PrimeSport & RazorGator

Going to the Super Bowl isn't as simple as buying a ticket. Thousands of visitors flood the host city every year, booking hotels, renting cars and filling pre-game parties. The logistics of planning a trip to the big game can seem overwhelming.

But for a price, PrimeSport, a subsidiary of ticket vendor RazorGator, will happily arrange all that for you. Every year, the company goes into the host city, reserves hotel rooms, scouts sites for their pre-game bash, and interviews local vendors.

"It's a complicated business, and it requires a lot of people and logistics," says CEO Jeff Lapin.
--Kelly Faircloth, Andrew Leigh, and Venuri Siriwardane