Memorable Start-up Logos: 10 Tips

Nancy Harris Rouemy, Principal at Go For It Design Ltd. in New York
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Find a Great Designer

Fortunately, finding a logo designer has become easier in recent years with more online platforms that showcase artists' work. CrowdSPRING, for example, claims to have more than 116,000 registered creatives and nearly 500 new artists registering per week. Know, however, that many designers don’t care for the model because it requires them to work on spec. The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) or professional placement firms like Aquent are also good places to look. But “the best way may be simply word-of-mouth,” Martin says. “That is how I have gotten almost [all]of my business.”
Shown here: Designer Nancy Harris Rouemy’s page on Carbonmade, an online portfolio site where many artists show off their work.