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The Fanny Pack of the 21st Century

Kim Overton's "aha" moment led to a multi-million dollar business that makes small personal item (SPI) belts for working out and travel. Overton can be classified as a serial entrepreneur. In the mid-90s she co-founded a tech company with her friend. After that she helped The Lord Group advertising agency develop its interactive division. And most recently, she invented the SPIbelt in 2006. "I was out on a run and I had my key tucked into my bra top and I thought 'man, this is uncomfortable. I just need a simple belt.' After that run I went and bought the stuff to make the very first belt," Overton says. Soon she quit her job so she could devote all of her attention to her new company. Since its launch, SPIbelt has added 10 employees and revenue has grown from $150,000 in 2007 to $7 million in 2010.