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Brent Skoda, CollegeFitness.com (2010)

Status update: Growing fast.
A lot has changed for Brent Skoda, founder of CollegeFitness.com. In addition to developing partnerships with colleges such as University of Oklahoma, University of Oregon, and the University of Utah, Skoda has expanded his business in a major way. He won first place in the 2010 Global Student Entrepreneurs of the Year competition. But that's not all. "We developed the world's largest database of restaurant menu nutrition," he says. "It's pretty much changed our life." Skoda has been working his new business, Yumee, for four years. His parent company, Ahkeo, has 15 employees and last year's revenue of about $3.5 million. "I'd like to get to $10 million in revenue…maybe even $15 million," Skoda says.