The Entrepreneurs of the Decade: 2000 to 2009

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Leslie Blodgett of Bare Escentuals

The award for taking a dead company and breathing new life into it goes to Leslie Blodgett, the CEO of Bare Escentuals. When she took over the mineral-based cosmetics company, it had recently been bought out of foreclosure by a venture capital firm for $160,000. She re-branded the makeup line and added lipsticks and eyeshadow. Then, with no prior TV experience, Blodgett went on QVC and booked $40,000 in sales in just six minutes. “When people ask me what are the best moments of my life, that has to be one of them," she told Inc. in 2008. Her company, which went public in 2006, is now on track to gross $500 million a year.