Entrepreneurs We Love…Because They Entertain Us

Jeff Minton/Corbis
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For doing something serious. (The funny stuff is great, too.)

Will Ferrell, 43 (pictured), Adam McKay, 42 (pictured), and Chris Henchy, 46
Co-founders, Funny or Die

Hollywood needs more people like Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy, and Adam McKay. We say this not because we enjoy Eastbound and Down, and The Other Guys. The three men could have easily spent the past few years focusing exclusively on extracting money from their existing franchises. Instead, they have chosen to do work on something risky, ambitious, and, at least in Hollywood, entirely strange: a start-up. Funny or Die was born in April 2007 with seed funding from Sequoia Capital. The idea: to combine low-budget shorts created by professionals with videos submitted by amateurs. Funny or Die now attracts 10 million viewers a month and employs 60 people. This past year, it turned its first profit. Read the full story.
—Max Chafkin