Entrepreneurs We Love…Because They Entertain Us

Russ Quackenbush
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Because 10 million Zumba lovers can’t be wrong

Alberto Aghion, 35, Alberto Perez, 40 (pictured center left),
and Alberto Perlman, 34 (pictured center right)

Thirteen women, mostly in their 20s, are shaking their hips and pumping their arms. They are sweating and smiling. Pop music is pumping. This is Zumba. "Ditch the workout; join the party," is the slogan of Zumba, an exercise regimen that can be found in classes at yoga studios, dance clubs, and your local gym. The method, originally called Rumbacize, was devised in Colombia by Alberto ("Beto") Perez. Once he immigrated to Miami, Perez was approached by Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion with a proposal to turn Perez's mini phenomenon into a company. More than a decade later, their venture has grown explosively into a full-blown fitness craze that’s getting more than 10 million Americans to dance and get fit each week. Read the full story.
—Christine Lagorio