Entrepreneurs We Love…Because They Entertain Us

Peter DaSilvia
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For turning the app into an art form

Ge Wang, 33
Palo Alto, California

Sure, we respect anyone who can make money selling fart noises or virtual cabbage. But we want to see apps that are smart and challenging, and maybe even artful. That’s why we love Ge Wang's Smule. The company has seen revenue grow threefold this year, to $4.5 million, thanks to its founder's knack for making ideas sing. Wang, who started Smule in 2008, created the Sonic Lighter, a 99-cent iPhone app that displays a flickering flame (and serves as a romantic commentary on global connectedness). More recently, he's created an app that transforms an iPhone into a flute and one that helps nonmusicians learn classical music. Read the full story.
—Max Chafkin