Entrepreneurs We Love…Because They Inspire Us

Colby Katz
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For staying true

Bobby Flam, 65
Jumbo's Restaurant

Flam, the owner of Jumbo's Restaurant, has been bucking the decline of his northwest Miami neighborhood through 44 years of race riots, hurricanes, and the exodus of most other white business owners, who were once his daytime clientele. "I stayed because I wanted to be an example that business could succeed here," says Flam, who has been a neighborhood force since he quit college in 1967 to take over Jumbo's from his ailing father. He quickly closed a room off the kitchen where black customers had come for takeout and opened the dining room to all, becoming one of the first South Florida restaurants to integrate. "I treated all my customers and employees with respect. I hoped other businesses would do the same." Read the full story.
—Leigh Buchanan