Entrepreneurs We Love…Because They Inspire Us

Jeff Wilson
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For proving that dreams—even big, crazy ones—can come true

Franklin Chang Diaz, 60
Ad Astra Rocket Company
Webster, Texas

Even before he traveled into space as a NASA astronaut a record-tying seven times, Franklin Chang Diaz, had already made a perilous and impressive journey. His research into propulsion systems for rocket engines eventually formed the basis of his company, Ad Astra Rocket Company. Chang Diaz hopes it will lead to yet his greatest journey yet—a manned space flight to Mars. At the heart of Ad Astra is his variable specific impulse magnetoplasma rocket, or VASIMR. The company is working on a joint mission with NASA to deploy a VASIMR engine to the International Space Station by 2014. Read the full story.
—Kasey Wehrum