Entrepreneurs We Love…Because They're Creating a Cleaner, Greener Life

Sage Sohier
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For going all out to transform the way our food is grown

Chuck Lacy, 54
Rotokawa Cattle Company
Hardwick, Massachusetts

A former president of Ben & Jerry's, Chuck Lacy helped drive the ice cream maker's 1,000 percent growth during his tenure there in the late '80s and early '90s. For the past decade Lacy has been on another mission: to transform the beef. In 2001, Lacy and partner Ridge Shinn began selling bull semen, fertilized embryos, and breeding stock to farmers specializing in grass-fed beef. They airlifted 100 grass-fed cattle from New Zealand for their breeding operation, called Rotokawa Cattle Company, and a processing and distribution company, Hardwick Beef. "We're trying to re-create a food system that has been decimated by large-scale agriculture." Read the full story.
—Adam Bluestein