Entrepreneurs We Love…Because They're Creating a Cleaner, Greener Life

B.D. Colen
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For giving us a way to say yes to solar

Lynn Jurich, 31, and Edward Fenster
San Francisco

Most people recognize the benefits of solar energy, but the necessary rooftop panels can cost as much as $25,000. Lynn Jurich and Edward Fenster, her co-founder, realized many consumers weren't willing to bet they would remain in their homes long enough to recoup such a large investment through lower energy bills. So the two recast the clean-tech challenge as a financing challenge. SunRun installs solar panels on residences at nominal or no cost. Homeowners sign 20-year contracts to buy power at a fixed price, around 15 percent less than their current electric bills. The company, founded in 2007, is growing at 300 percent a year and has 6,000 customers in seven states. Read the full story.
—Leigh Buchanan