11 Businesses You Can Start in Your Pajamas

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Digital Commerce

SUMO Heavy Industries
Bart Mroz and Bob Brodie

Bart Mroz and Bob Brodie run SUMO Heavy Industries, a Philadelphia-based digital commerce agency that focuses on consulting and user interaction design for e-commerce companies. Despite being home-based, the company is seeing some serious growth: the company made about $500,000 in revenue last year, and employs about 20 part-time contractors. When Mroz started the company two years ago, he was living with a roommate—but when the roommate moved out, Brodie moved in. The two business partners live together and work together—perhaps a toxic mix for some entrepreneur co-founders—but not for Mroz and Brodie. “What’s fun is that we get along really well,” Mroz says. “We have the same kind of strive for what we do. So even though we live together, it’s not an issue. We separate the work from the fun.”