The Houses That Entrepreneurship Built

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Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Price: $31,500 in 1958--about $250,000 today.

Buffet's billions: Buffett plans to donate 99 percent of his wealth to charity.

The Oracle of Omaha's famously modest home has been in the Buffet family for over 50 years. The 6,500 square foot home is valued today at about $650,000, and still has its original 1921 stucco facade. Buffett, the world's third-richest man with about $46 billion in assets, was recently asked why he didn't at least have other, "nicer" homes. "How would I improve my life by having 10 houses around the globe? If I wanted to become a superintendent of housing...I could have as a profession, but I don't want to manage 10," he told the BBC.