Top Female CEOs of the 2012 Inc. 500

Rose Cook (right) and Lynn Faughey (left) Courtesy Company
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Rose Cook & Lynn Faughey, Co-Founders

The FlexPro Group
Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

No. 104
2011 Revenue: $3.7 million
Three-Year Growth: 2,958%

Utilizing their past consulting and corporate experiences and capitalizing on business relationships made over the years, sisters Rose Cook and Lynn Faughey launched The FlexPro Group in 2008. The business conducts supply chain consulting for the pharmaceutical industry, helping companies manage products every step of the way from planning and design to production and delivery. Since then the identical twin sisters have brought 30 consultants on board and both siblings have learned to better delegate tasks. "I think where you really need to grow internally is being able to let go," Cook says of how their roles have evolved. "Learning to let go is a big part of allowing your company to grow."