Top Female CEOs of the 2012 Inc. 500

Bohme Fernanda (left) and Vivien Bohme (Right) Courtesy Company
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Vivien Bohme, Co-Founder and CEO Fernanda Bohme, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Sandy, Utah

No. 85
2011 Revenue: $8.6 million
Three-Year Growth: 3,340%

Vivien and Fernanda Bohme started their apparel retail store for Midwestern women in 2007. With Fernanda's fashion degree and Vivien’s business skills, they went in as equal partners. Now, with 12 boutique locations in Western malls, they focus on "the most underserved markets in fashion right now," Vivien says. The sisters started the company with just a credit card and debt. "Yet we still made it," Vivien says, "and that’s what keeps us going every single day."