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Create a Culture Club

New hires at Beryl Companies, a call-center business in Bedford, Texas, spend several days learning about all aspects of its culture in fun and creative ways. “The first day and a half is spent with Lara Morrow (our Queen of Fun and Laughter) as they learn about the Beryl brand, all the culture programs and activities, how to get involved, how to grow their career, how to share their opinions and most importantly, what we saw in them that got them the job - what makes them special and unique,” says CEO Paul Speigelman. “They are greeted on the first day by members of the Better Beryl Bureau (our culture committee), support staff, middle managers and senior leaders who have created a human tunnel for new co-workers to run through as we cheer and yell for them. They are immediately integrated into the culture and know that they are somewhere special.”
--Tiffany Black