Is Your Name CEO-Worthy?

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Ethical-caring: 49
Popular-fun: 97
Success: 93
Overall: 93

Of all of the most common male names on our Inc. 5000 list, Mark (as in Gilreath, pictured here, from No. 103 company EndoChoice) was the one name that didn't score in the 99th percentile overall, due to the Ethical-Caring impression that the name creates. However, Mehrabian contends that Mark is still an excellent name, and more importantly, it's "fun." Mark's high Popular-Fun score is supported by the fact that many of today's most successful Marks play sports, such as New York Yankee Texeira, NASCAR driver Martin, and 2009 Heisman Trophy winner Ingram. Other famous Marks include Twain, Cuban, and Zuckerberg.